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Mac OSX and the QMS Minolta Magicolor 2300DL

I have seen numerous discussions on getting a minolta 2300DL to work with OSX, but none have actually done it successfully.

I have actually got it to work over an ethernet connection....

These are new instructions that I have tested and they work a lot better than the Zenographics Drivers that I previously had on here.

To print to the QMS magicolor 2300 DL via Ethernet:

Download and install the Magicolor 2430DL drivers from Minolta's website.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are running Mac OSX 10.2 then you will first need to download and install Ghostscript from http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net/macosx.php3 (espgs-7.07.1.ppc.dmg is a precompiled version, so you just run it and install from the ESP Ghostscript.mpkg file).

1. Make sure that the printer is powered on and connected to the network via Ethernet and is in the same IP range as your network. My network is using DHCP on 192.168.1.xxx, so I have assigned to the Minolta as a static IP address using the menu on the printer.
2. Reboot the Mac system if the printer was connected after the last reboot.
OSX 10.5 users proceed to step 9.
3. Open Print Center.
4. Click the "Add" button while holding the ALT key.
5. From the pop-up menu choose Advanced.
6. From the second pop-up menu that appears, choose "AppSocket//HP JetDirect". You will then need to provide a meaningful name (eg Minolta Magicolor 2300DL) in the Device Name field below the menu. After that insert the IP address of the printer after the text "socket://" in the "Device URl" field below that. (Mine reads socket://
7. From the "Printer Model" pop-up menu choose "KONICA MINOLTA"
8. From the list of models that appears below the Printer Model selection choose the "KONICA MINOLTA magicolor 2430DL" driver, then click the "Add" button at the bottom of the dialog. You should then be able to print OK. YOU ARE FINISHED

9. OSX 10.5 users - Open Print & Fax.
10. Click the Add Printer button (+)
11. In the window that appears Set "Protocol" to HP Jetdirect - Socket. "Address" should be set as the IP address of the printer. "Queue" can be left blank. "Name" Konica Minolta 2300DL.
12. "Print Using" Click on "Select a driver to use". Scroll down to "Konica Minolta Magicolor 2430 DL". Click on "Add". Select any options you have added to the printer then click "Continue". You have now successfully set up your printer.

NOTE: If the printer doesn't work with these instructions then you will need to update the printer's firmware. Check the firmware version by printing a test page from the printer's menu, it will print a configuration page. My firmware is 02.85S and works fine, I have recently found out that if the firmware is 02.28T then the printer will stop printing at about 20%. Updating the firmware cured this problem. Firmware updates can be found on the Konica Minolta UK website, American users will need to contact Minolta as the files don't appear to be on their website.

I have tested steps 1-8 myself on a Mac G4 450DP and a Powerbook G3 300 (both running OSX 10.2.8) with the Minolta Magicolor 2300DL through my home network connection. The print quality is as good as it is on a PC with the genuine Minolta 2300DL drivers, although the images are printed slightly darker on the MAC (only noticeable when the prints are side-by-side). Steps 1-2 and 9-12 have been tested on a Macbook running OSX 10.5

Those instructions will work with Leopard (10.5), however I have recently upgraded to Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6) and I have found it slightly different to set up now.
In Snow Leopard:
1. Download and install the Minolta 2430 drivers.
2. Go into Print and Fax - click on the + to add printer
3. Select Konica Minolta magicolor 2300DL - Bonjour
4. Set the location as the IP address that is assigned to your 2300DL (eg.
5. Print using - select printer software - select the Konica Minolta 2430dl from the drop down list - click ADD
6. Select any installable options you have fitted to the printer - Click Continue
7. You are now done. Print a test page.

Orange Livebox Setup

I had a problem with the Livebox install cd just showing the help file when trying to set it up. E-mailed Orange from their website and within a few hours they emailed me the IP address and user name / password for the router so i could set it up manually. Once I put my internet user name and password into the router (eg user.fsnet.co.uk@fs) by using the menu on the left hand side (once logged into the livebox) I could access the internet from my laptop, desktops, 8 port hub and network laser printer and have not yet had a problem (touch wood). Default IP address is - Default user is admin and Default password is admin. I would suggest you change the user name and password and assign your unique wep address though (if using wireless). I have the 8 port hub connected to the yellow ethernet port with 2 PC desktops, a Mac G4 and a colour network laser printer connected to it, my laptop connected through wireless using a d-link dwl-g650+ pcmcia card and a desktop pc connected through the red ethernet port.

Since my original setup the livebox stops network access between my pc's and the wireless access on the laptop is flaky. I went back to just using my linksys router which supplies my internet access and wireless connection. I have recently reconfigured my network by unplugging the netgear router from the phone line and changing the ip address of the netgear router to and i have plugged the livebox ethernet cable into the linksys router. Now the livebox just supplies my internet connection and the linksys router does everything else including my wireless connection. Since setting up in this configuration i can network all my computers and my network colour laser and have not had a problem with filesharing. It also means that i still get to make free phone calls with a phone connected to the livebox. (Livebox on supplying DHCP network addresses - Linksys router on with DHCP relay set to - Livebox connected to phone line using supplied cable, connected to Linksys router through ethernet cable and has the phone connected to the port on the bottom of the livebox so I can take advantage of the free phone calls. Linksys router connected to my existing network via 8 port hub).

Mr. P's Helpdesk.

Displaying the date on photos taken with a Minolta Dimage Z1
1. Press the MENU button on the camera.
2. Go to SETUP (in the top right of the camera screen) using the right hand button. Select using middle button.
3. Go to tab 3 on screen using the right hand button.
4. Move down to DATE IMPRINT. Press right hand button. Move to ON. Select using middle button.
5. Press MENU button to exit. The date will now be displayed on all photos taken from now on.
To change back follow the same instructions but change DATE IMPRINT to OFF.

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